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We see what others don’t.

Comprehensive testing that gets to the roots of your health issues.

We don’t believe in “unknown” causes, otherwise known as “idiopathic” causes. We’ve made it our mission to try everything we can to find the cause when no one else can. And it begins with comprehensive testing.

You’ve likely had your blood drawn and been poked and prodded more times than you can count. So what makes this time any different? The truth is, the majority of tests ordered and administered via traditional healthcare are often more limited than you might think. While some of the tests your clinician may seem the same, the way we request lab orders often goes a bit deeper.

We get cell-deep (and leave no stone unturned).

As an internist, microbiologist, and diagnostician, Dr. Z is uniquely trained to take a deeper look at your microbiology and genetics through an impressively comprehensive panel of serum labs. These allow us to connect the dots between many of your symptoms and any clinical imbalances.

Imagine that every test we order is a flat stone. With each new test, we turn over a new stone. We may find nothing noteworthy under 15 of them, but beneath stone number 16 may lie the key to a previously unexplained symptom. Like why you’ve been feeling so bloated for no apparent reason.

We use hormone metabolite testing via certain saliva, serum, and urine assessments, advanced genomic, nutrition, metabolic, mitochondrial, immunologic, infectious, environmental/toxicological, and microbiome analysis – always personalized according to your individual needs. Our team will also order imaging to get the full picture when necessary or warranted. Our goal is to finally see the tangible proof behind the “unknown” causes of your chronic suffering.

Dr. Sarah J. Zielsdorf reviewing detailed testing results of a patient

We study the data relentlessly.

We read your lab results through a different lens. One that takes into account your genetics, lifestyle, health history and more. Dr. Z’s background in microbiology allows her to see discrepancies, nuances, and connections other physicians might not see.

We connect the dots
and create your plan.

Your clinician uses your test results, health history, lifestyle, and environment to design a personalized plan that helps you see real results and take back your life.

“As someone who has been on the Hashimoto’s journey for 26 years I am thrilled to have found Dr. Z! She is a physician who not only listens but sees the abnormalities in labs that no one else has seen – even though my labs were “normal” and is putting the pieces of my puzzle together!!! For the 1st time in over two decades I’m feeling human and I have Dr. Z to thank for that!”

Char L.

“Dr. Sarah is AMAZING!!! After 3 years struggling with my thyroid, I found her and she has changed my life. My energy levels came back. My migraine has gone. My gut is healing, my blood levels are normal now. Dr. Sarah not only is a great doctor, she is a wonderful human being. Thank you, Dr. Sarah!”

Marisol G.

“Dr. Sarah has helped my wife with her Hashimoto’s disease. All the other Dr’s we saw just wanted to up the dosage but was not helping her feel better. I really appreciate her because she has thousands of patients but always makes you feel like you’re the only one. She is the absolute best Doctor I have ever met.”

Samuel R.


Is the cost of testing included my consultation and visit fees?

No it’s not. – however as part of our mission and passion to help you uncover the root causes of your health conditions, we partner with labs to help keep your testing costs as low as possible. While many physician offices tack on extra fees, we only include the most basic administrative fees necessary to process your tests. In addition, many tests may be covered or reimbursed by your insurance.

Do you perform the tests onsite?

No we do not. If you’re in the Chicago area, we have a list of preferred labs we’d be happy to share with you.

How will I get my results?

We will walk you through your test results and what they mean during your follow-up visit. At that time, another round of testing may be ordered.

I’ve already had so many lab tests. Do I really need to spend time and money doing them again?

We understand that this can be frustrating and expensive for many patients. However, our team is extremely intentional and methodical in our recommendations. Your practitioner will recommend which tests you should get based on your symptoms, genetic history, environment, lifestyle, and of course, your medical records. Even if you’ve had many of these tests performed, we strongly recommend that you don’t skip any. We have a unique approach to ordering labs and in order to get the complete picture, we’ll need to see everything. In addition because we take a phased approach, our goal is that you can spread out the cost over several months. Trust that your physician has ordered this lab for a reason – and trust that we may see something others have not.

Can’t I just get all my lab tests at once?

We are strongly against getting too many tests at once for a few reasons. First of all, it can cause us to overlook something important, which can be detrimental to your care. If Dr. Z or your Nurse Practitioner is reviewing too many different tests and analyzing too many different results, it’s harder to pinpoint the root cause, which makes it harder to know the next best step in your course of treatment. We take a phased, one-step-at-a-time approach to avoid overloading you with medications and treatments you may not need.



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