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Motivated Medicine is not contracted with any health insurance carriers and is considered Out-of-Network for all patient visits.

Patients with PPO, Healthshare or similar policies will be supplied a Superbill to submit a claim for Out-of-Network benefits. A Superbill is the source of data for creating health insurance claims. It contains required practice/clinician information, and patient/visit details such as CPT codes, diagnosis codes, amount paid. Superbills for each visit are saved in the patient portal under “Invoices & Payments”, View Invoices, “Invoice: Services rendered: [date of service].” They have a red “Paid in Full” stamp at the top. 

Patients are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to confirm their Out-of-Network benefit and submission details.  Motivated Medicine will not submit any insurance claims or contact insurance companies for plan details. Our clinicians are opted out of Medicare/Medicaid. Patients who participate in these programs are responsible for the full cost of their care and not eligible to submit for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

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