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Acute/Primary Care

Motivated Medicine is a consultative medical practice designed to provide short- and long-term consultation for chronic health issues, not a Primary Care office. 

We strongly suggest that our patients have an established relationship with a Primary Care clinician who can provide acute care testing and treatment which we do not offer. You will also need your Primary Care clinician to do physicals, screenings, etc.

Our clinic is not equipped to respond to acute illnesses or situations. If you need acute care, you will need to see your primary care clinician. For urgent care, visit your nearest urgent care emergency room. Your Primary Care clinician or proceed to an urgent care or hospital setting. 

We are not affiliated with any hospital networks and therefore cannot provide inpatient care/treatment. 

Labs/testing done in an acute setting will be reviewed at your subsequent visit unless you choose to schedule an appointment sooner.

Any life-threating or sudden onset of acute symptoms that require immediate attention, call 911 or proceed to the Emergency Department. 

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