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We’re not your typical doctor’s office.

(Because there’s nothing “typical” about your health concerns.)

The Motivated Medicine™ Approach

Our open-minded method is informed by data, the latest research in microbiology, inside-out wellness, allopathic “conventional” medicine and so much more.

86% of total healthcare costs in the U.S. are spent on chronic conditions. The current healthcare system is designed to treat urgent medical problems, also known as “acute” conditions. But the fact is, chronic, lifestyle-related diseases cannot be treated successfully using the same approach. 

Though Dr. Zielsdorf is uniquely trained in the Functional Medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to treating our complex biology. 

What works is an individualized approach to patients, with an emphasis on the ways our environment and lifestyle choices interact with our genes (also known as epigenetics, which is largely ignored by traditional medicine). 

We’re data nerds. 

Here are some stats we think you’ll love.

The average internist sees 30 patients per day. Each of our clinicians see less than 10 patients per day.

90% of our patients report experiencing an improvement or resolution of symptoms

So, yep. Our approach looks different from your usual doctor or hospital visit, but we’re hoping it will one day be the standard.


Listen > Test > Analyze > Optimize

Step 1: Listening to your story.

You’re ready to be heard. Like, really heard. You can feel confident knowing that before you arrive at your initial consultation, your clinician has already studied your intake information. This gives our team the mental space to process the information, do any necessary research, and formulate more in-depth questions before you meet. 

During your 60 to 90-minute New Patient Consultation, YOU are our sole focus. Your clinician will ask about your health history, lifestyle, genetics, symptoms and more in order to get to the roots of your health issues. You and your family can rest assured this is a safe space where there is zero judgement. We believe you. And we’ve seen far too many “impossibilities” become reality to rule anything out or write anyone off as crazy.

By the end of this visit, we’ll have the information we need begin the next step in searching for the root causes of your health issues: testing.

Step 2: Looking for answers through comprehensive testing and analysis.

Your clinician will recommend comprehensive testing based on the information they learned during your New Patient Consultation. These may include comprehensive labs, hormone metabolite testing, microbiome analysis, food sensitivity and more, depending on your symptoms and medical history (in a nutshell, we’ll eventually test all your bodily fluids!). It’s important to note that we will not do all of these tests at one time; instead we take a phased approach to properly analyze each set of tests.

Learn more about our testing

Step 3: Analyzing results and creating your personalized care plan.

During your first follow up visit (usually 3-4 weeks after your New Patient Consultation), we’ll walk you through your initial test results in detail to make sure you feel informed and empowered to make the most impactful, sustainable  medical and lifestyle modifications to help relieve your worst symptoms.

Then, we’ll get to work creating your initial care plan. You may get your plan quickly or it may take a few weeks. This takes time, because we put a great deal of data analysis, the newest research, and energy into every single recommendation we make. Dr. Z likes to joke that she doesn’t sleep (she only wishes she were joking!). That’s because her patients and their stories are constantly on her mind and she literally doesn’t rest until she’s reviewed every detail.

Your one-of-a-kind treatment roadmap may include:

  • Starting a new medication or adjusting your current prescription for optimal results
  • Science-based nutrition
  • Exercise that’s realistic to your lifestyle and interests
  • How to get a more restful night’s sleep
  • Research-based vitamins and supplements
  • Staying mindful of your mental well-being
  • Knowledge-based resources (books, articles, etc.) for your own self-education
  • Referrals to specialty colleagues as necessary

Step 4: Ongoing monitoring and health optimization.

We’ll recommend follow-up visits and additional testing depending on your unique situation and your individual progress. Depending on your condition and symptoms, we typically recommend quarterly or bi-yearly visits. However, some patients need more frequent visits at the beginning of their treatment. Most of our patients start reporting improvement of symptoms in 3 to 6 months. We adjust your care plan based on the data we’re seeing and you’ll receive an updated care plan after each visit based on your progress. 

Remember, our practice is rooted in research and science, which means that our job is to uncover the root causes of your health conditions through testing, lifestyle modifications, medications, and other phased-approach treatments. That means this is a partnership that will require us both to be patient, open-minded, and motivated to keep going. It’s critical that you help us help you, by doing your part and sticking to the plan. We’ll be here for you every step of the way. In order to maintain certain prescriptions, follow-up visits are required to be scheduled according to your clinician’s recommended time frame.


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Michelle G.

“I found Dr. Zielsdorf after two years of searching for a doctor to help me optimize my health and my thyroid hormone levels so I could get pregnant.  Dr. Zielsdorf takes the time to listen to my concerns, answer all my questions, and empower me to reach my health goals. She is the most brilliant and compassionate doctor I have ever met, and because of her help, I now have a 15-month-old son!” 

Michelle G.

Rebecca D.

“If you want a doctor that listens, does not rush you, and believes what you tell her, look no further. After years of feeling horrible, I am finally starting to feel better. Of course I followed her recommendations to the T. If you can love a doctor, I love her.”

Rebecca D.

Melinda S.

"I only wish I had pursued this avenue for my health sooner. I was hooked on the healing power at my first visit. Jennifer Peterson APN is helping me, and I learn more each time I see her."

Melinda S.

Gail T.

“Dr. Zielsdorf is so knowledgeable, intuitive, and open. She's brilliant but also listens!!! I also just took my 12-year old to see Roxana Calafos. She's extraordinary as well. So knowledgeable. She helped us a great deal after two years of limited help from pediatric endocrinologists. Thank you a million times over!!"

Gail T.


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